Friday, May 18, 2012

School's out!

I'm mama to a first grader! Sam did so well this year-so proud of my boy! A little bragging here, but Sam got a citizenship award for good behavior in his classroom and also got the "art student of the year" award for the kindergarten class. Go Sam! Hopefully first grade goes as smoothly-there is a possibility that he could be in as many as three different schools next year because of some changes that are coming up, but I'm hoping it's only two....we may end up homeschooling part of next year, but we'll see!
Here are two papers Sam did during the year that make me laugh (translated by me). I'm kinda suprised the first one didn't get us a trip to the principal. What can I say? Sam and Joel have bonded over sports and guns. Boys....
"A soldier needs a gun. A soldier shoots bad guys. A soldier needs a pen, a pencil, and some sniper guns."

"Dear Mom and Dad, I want a ipod. I will keep my room clean. I will help my baby brother and sister. Please may I have the ipod?  Love, Samuel.


  1. lol those are so cute! oh my gosh i cannot believe how big sam looks - especially that graduation pic! your baby is growing up :)

  2. So cute! I love the soldier drawing.

  3. hahaha, Austin asked for a Cheeta!!! I love kids minds.


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