Friday, May 25, 2012


A few lessons I have learned this past month

-Wait until they stop giving you morphine before  bragging about how amazing you feel after the third  c-section.

-Also wait until Grandma is gone and you're no longer getting three hour naps before deciding that newborns aren't tiring.

-It is entirely possible to come home from the hospital having lost less weight than what your baby weighed. I lost seven pounds between going to the hosptial and coming home. The baby weighed eight. (Sure I lost another 20 in the next three weeks, but still!)

-Have appropriate post-baby undies waiting for you at home..but if you don't, and you have to send your husband out to buy "the most awful granny panties you can find" and he does it without the tiniest grumbling, he's a keeper for sure.

-Figure out exactly how your stroller and carseat fit together before you're in the parking lot.  It will save you ten minutes of feeling like a moron in front of everyone that passes by.

-When you decide to call your husband at work yelling at him and crying because he lost your car keys, check your purse first and make sure you weren't the last person who had them.

-Have a few other episodes like the one above and your husband may just tell you that one night each week you need to leave the house and kids for a few hours. Sweet.

-Apparently, it is possible to be tired enough to completely forget your house number. An awesome moment when it happens in front of someone who is trying to look up your address.

-Even if you didn't need a peepee teepee with your first son, don't assume the same for your second. Good news is it only takes a few times of getting wet for you to learn your lesson and be prepared.

-There is only so many times you can change your shirt and bra before a little bit of baby spit becomes an acceptable part of your wardrobe.

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  1. you are making me re-think the whole third baby thing ;)


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