Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6 week check up

Baby Boy is six weeks today! I'd like to say its going by fast, but honestly, it's been a long six weeks or at the least it's felt like six weeks. First, I think my c-section this time around took a lot longer to recover from...probably because I have a lot more to do this time. I'm doing pretty well right now and mostly recovered, although it still hurts if I try to suck in my stomach or Owen kicks me when we're lying down together. Also weeks 2-3 of breastfeeding were pretty much pure torture. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't know I could do it, I would have quite. Uck. Thankfully, all is well now in that department.

six weeks!

For the first two weeks Owen was just as sweet as could be. In fact, that was the word I used to describe him to everyone. Week three hit, and during the day he's still my sweet baby but right at 6:30 each night he starts crying. and crying. and crying. A good night ends at 10, but a lot go until 11 or 12. I try to look at it positively and think that he's making us well-rounded parents and one day we can brag (not sure "brag" is the right word here...) about how we lived through colic (at least the standard definition of colic) but right now it stinks. I hate that there is nothing I can do to make him happy. Actually, I think the hardest part is that there is no down time for us anymore. The crying starts before Sam and Allie go to bed and goes up to our bedtime. Haha, and to make it all better, Annaleigh recently started waking up an hour earlier than her usual time. One thing to be thankful for-the moby-because if anything is going to make that boy stop crying, it's that thing. Definitely got our moneys worth out of that. We also finally found a binky that he'll take which is big for me!
all snuggled up with mama, he sure makes my day a whole lot cuter

Anyways, that's my whining. Babies cry and new parents are tired. We get it, right?? Everything else is going pretty well. Joel's offer to have me go out on a week night has really been great-Tuesday night never looked so good.  ;) I've been trying to get out a lot during the day because that helps me not go crazy from all the fighting and whining going on between the older two.  Groceries and the park are a breeze, and I can even manage taking the three to the pool, and yesterday we succesfully did bowling! 

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  1. i can SO sympathize :( it's so hard and so frustrating. it got to a point with ava where I'd just hold her and cry with her because there was nothing i could do! It lasted way too long, probably between 7 months to a year - shoot, she's still an emotional, demanding child - but I hear in most cases it calms down by 4 months. you are so brave to take them all out! I'm still too chicken to take both the girls out (almost 3 years later... lol) i'll be praying for owen's colic! I know how difficult and mentally unraveling it can be! i've never tried gripe water for ava but i hear it's great for babies with colic!


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