Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday boy and fine print

My boy turned six last week! We just had a little party at home with the five of us, but it was nice. I was a little worried because Sam had high expectations for his birthday cake and was making some big requests, but I managed a cake that was really fast to make and he said he loved it. Win! Last minute I found a camo cake idea on pinterest that turned out cute.

inside the cake

A couple weeks ago I found an add on facebook from a couple who is starting up a photography business and needed clients to build their online portfolio and were offering free sessions to five people with newborns. I was really excited when they let us know we'd been chosen. So Memorial Day we spent three hours getting pictures of Owen taken, and they turned out cute. Only problem? I didn't read the fine print, and what they were actually offering was  the sitting fee waived ($120) but the cd and actual rights to the photos is an extra $250. It's not a totally crazy price considering the time they put into it, but still, going from free to $250 is a pretty big leap. So that was pretty disappointing since I'm not buying them. Haha, also, last minute they asked if Joel would come so they could do some military themed pictures, and I kind of sprung that on him- what I didn't realize (and he definitely didn't) was the he was going to be up there for a solid hour modeling.  Anyways, I actually had already planned on getting family pictures done by a different (and much cheaper) lady, and we had those taken yesterday, so I'm hoping those turned out well!


  1. your cakes always look amazing! I'm telling ya, you have talent! you'll be the next "cake boss" or whatever haha
    oh man those prices are painful, i get how it can be so worth it to preserve precious memories if you have the money but still, the prices of photographers never cease to shock me!

  2. Thanks, you're sweet. Well, Joel did point out that he could probably get some pictures of Owen that I love if he spent three hours photographing him. And it does seem like at that price you could justify spending a little more and just buying a really nice camera...


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