Monday, July 23, 2012


Vacation went well! I absolutely love Charleston, the history of the city is amazing. I already picked out the house we'll buy if ever we become millionaires (Joel assures me that I don't have to worry about that happening, haha). Our hotel was what we were expecting, although we could have stayed until Monday free of charge which was nice even though we didn't do it. Turns out going to the beach with a bitty baby isn't easy, but we found a spot with a long pier that had lots of shade and camped there every day. I also realized that instead of all the cool, light clothing I packed for Owen, what he really needed was a long sleeve footed onsie to keep the sand off of him. My kids could have also had just a teeny bit more fear of the ocean, but I was glad they had so much fun! Also, baby powder works really really well at getting sand off, so thank you pinterest for that one. Haha, and finally, that swimsuit I mentioned in my last post-definitely not for the beach-it has a lining which traps sand. Not fun.
Fort Sumter-where the Civil War started

the flag that flew over the fort during the war

Owen and me hanging out under the pier

Sullivan's Island-gorgeous, but half of all the slaves brought to America came through here

view from our hotel room

Civil War era graveyard

original garden plans from the 1800's

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