Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Favorite Things: Vacation

We are headed to Charleston for a week long vacation this Saturday. We're thinking it will either be relaxing and a lot of fun, or a very painful experience. I'm guessing it will be a combination of the two because that's kind of how having kids always is (minus the relaxing part).  Anyways, I though I'd share some of my favorite vacation things!

Value Place: This hotel is the only reason we're staying an entire week. We're only paying $260 after taxes for seven nights (compare that to the $80 we spent last year in the off season for a one night stay in a not great hotel in the same location and it's an amazing deal). It's not a traditional hotel in the that there is no daily housekeeping, but there is a full kitchen, so we'll be able to make meals while there and save even more money!

Assets by Sara Blakely Swimsuit (Target, $50): between the ruching and the built-in spandex, I actually felt more confident in this swimsuit a month after having a baby than in almost any other thing I owned, which is kinda crazy. The skirt is a short one so it's actually makes your tush look cute and doesn't look like your trying to hide.

Arizona Brand swimsuit (J.C. P., $9): I don't think there is a single little girl swimsuit that I don't love. 

Children's Place Gauze Cover-Up ($5)

Arctic Zone Thermal Tote (Walmart, $10): Charleston is only three hours away, so we'll be bringing along groceries. The bag claims to carry 50 soda cans + ice, and I believe it. We should fit everything that needs to stay cold in here with no problem.

Sylvania 7" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player with Dual DVD Players(, $95): I wanted dvd players for the trip to Texas, but figured we might as well get them for this weekend, so we haven't actually used these yet. This set only plays one movie, but it comes with two players. One of the main reasons I bought this one though is that it comes with headrest mounts. I'm reeeeeally hoping that they'll last longer since the kids sticky little fingers won't actually be touching them. That's the theory at least. My car is pretty little so they'll probably still be able to reach.
Family: They'll dogsit for free. ;) 


  1. I think Michael and I look pretty good in that picture haha. ;) Hope you guys have a great vacation!

  2. yep. you have cute kids too!

  3. That black swimsuit is adorable!


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