Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just another mom blog.

I have a confession. I am a little embarrassed about my whole blogging thing. I started it about a year ago to help add a little adult interaction to my day (even if that interaction is just me talking to myself) and it's been a fun outlet. I know I'm not cool, crafty, or clever enough to ever have a popular blog (actually, I've never really tried to gain followers because I don't think I have anything new or interesting to add to the world). I do have a few friends that read my blog, and sometimes I feel kind of sorry for you, cause I bet it's a little boring. I really appreciate the support though! :) I was thinking that instead of always just talking about what my kids are doing, I'd make it a little more fun. What I like reading in other's blogs are recipes, crafts, and decorating ideas. I also really like when people show off stuff around their house. It's kind of like they're giving you permission to be the snoop everyone secretly wants to be. ;) So, I think I'll add some of that stuff to make this a little less dull. I'm also currently trying to lose a good chunk of weight so I think I'll do updates on that since  knowing that other people know will keep me motivated.

Apparently I'm computer illiterate, because I have been trying to change the template on the blog and I cannot get it to work for the life of me. I can figure out how to modify the ones that blogger has but I can't get it to change correctly to one from another site. I follow the directions, but it comes out weird. I mostly like the one I have now except that it seems kind of gloomy. And boring. A problem I seem to have... Any suggestions? I will gladly take them!

Anyways, I wanted to tell mention one last thing from my little trip last week. These are called "everlasting love" roses. When a soldier went off to war, his lover would send him away with a rose made from palmetto tree leaves, which they were supposed to bring back. It's sweet and sad to think of a wife sending her husband away with a little rose, because obviously the meaning is that he will survive the war and come home to her. I thought they were really neat.

I also forgot to mention that our trip almost had a very bad ending. On the last day, I left the keys in the trunk and didn't realize my mistake until we were about a mile away on foot. Ugh. Obviously someone could have taken the car, or anything that we left in the trunk-like Joel's expensive laptop. We also happen to not have a spare key (really stupid, it's on my to-do list for the week) so if I had lost them, I'm sure it would have been crazy expensive. Thankfully someone took them to the parking garage security. The nice thing is that Joel was really nice about it the whole time.. I guess that's how you know you married a good one. :P


  1. Don't worry...I finally gave up on the "custom" backgrounds you can get for free. They never ever ever came out for me either. I just got lucky and found one on blogger that actually worked really great for my blog!
    I'm having a giveaway today, I hope you'll stop by!

  2. i like your blog :) and i second the snooping thing! lol share away ;)


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