Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Progression of a Schnauzer

We've had our mini Schnauzer for about eight months now, and I have to say that he has become a very respectable member of our family. He has turned out to be a really great little dog, and considering he's still a puppy, that makes him even better. I have always been a big dog person (I once tried hard to convince my husband to let me get a St. Bernard, but thankfully he has more common sense than I do) but I now see the appeal in smaller. Dallas is full grown at 20 pounds-he's got all the benefits of a small dog, but is big enough to really rough play with the kids. He's also not yappy like a lot of little ones, but something I like is that he "talks" a lot. If he's upset or excited he'll do a half howl/bark. The biggest issue we've had with him is that he's a submissive pee'er (peeer? pee-er?), so anytime we come home from being gone, he gets in trouble, or we want him to do something he isn't comfortable with, it all comes out. Super annoying, and getting upset about it only makes it worse, but we've found that completely ignoring it (the peeing) and him (when we get home) helps a lot. It seems a little mean not to greet him when he's so happy to see us, but it works. Hopefully he outgrows it ("they" say dogs normally do around 2'ish). That and eating all the kids toys. Anyways, we gave Dallas his first Schnauzer trim the other day (we did it ourselves so it's definitely not perfect), and looks like a totally different dog. I think we'll probably keep him in a more natural coat from now on, but we'll see :)

November '11

December '11

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  1. Love the Schnauzers! Ours is 6 years old now, and absolutely apart of our family! We keep her shaved, because her hair grows long and curly, gets matted really bad and can start to hurt her, and covers her poor eyes! Its really a pain, but she looks so gross if we don't keep it shaved. Schnauzers are such good dogs!

  2. Well, it is true that we finally shaved him because his hair is was stating to get matted...I also love how soft his coat is when shaved. I had no idea!

  3. oh my word, my neighbor has a st. bernard and that thing could swallow you whole bethany lol
    I totally see the appeal of smaller dogs now as well! I think he is a perfect size!
    you guys did good shaving him!


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