Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boys turn

Everybody always talks about how much cuter girls clothes are, and that may  be true, but I actually think boys bedrooms have a lot more potential for cuteness than girls. I did girls rooms last post, so this time it's the boys turn. I really really love the nautical theme for boys rooms, but I also don't really like themes because they outgrow too quickly. Don't even get me started on Disney! :P In Sam's room I'm going for a nautical vibe without going all out.

Anyways, this room from PB  is my favorite.

Here is Sam's actual room. I'll point out a few of my favorite things
Sam's bedset is from Jojo's Bedding, the laundry basket from Hobby Lobby, and I have the curtains at Walmart for $5 total!

This dresser was my first big diy project I ever did. It was an ugly fake orange before. All the boats were Joel's from when he was a kid, so they fit into Sam's room perfectly.

Dollar Tree stickers, can't beat that price!

These sheets? Pure cuteness. I really wish they weren't $89. Quality sheets are something I don't mind splurging on, (although the  the only thing I actually know about these are they're cute) but I can just see my kids leaving a marker uncapped and me freaking out. Even if I got past that, I'm pretty sure the husband would never be convinced.

Since I can't do  $90 sheets, I decided to improvise. A trip to Hobby Lobby for yellow and white fabric, and I came home with this. Half a yard for $4 will make a throw pillow for a bed. (Would have been even cheaper if I remembered my coupon!) I'm *thinking* of adding a monogram or an anchor, but we shall see.

I bought this duvet at Target on sale for $17 (they also have grey stripes and dark pink). I really love it. I think it gives the same general feel as the pottery barn room (navy and white...)  I mostly love that it's so versatile. Paired with white, yellow, or red it has the nautical feel, but some orange or bright green would be equally cute.


This bedroom furniture is on my wish list. If the kids share a room it obviously works, and if they don't, I could always stick a desk under the loft bed.

 Speaking of sharing rooms, since we move around a lot, the kids might be able to have their own rooms and they might have to share. Because of the age differences there will probably be different kids sharing rooms at different times. This is a great boys room. I like the coordinating but different beds.

Joel just happened to get a laser level for father's day. He doesn't know it, but it will be put to good use (so long as base housing lets us paint, that it!).
If I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to say the last one,which is good because it is the simplest, but I like them all.



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  1. cute ideas! if you figure out how to use your laser level let me know! It didn't even make lines further than 3 inches on each side of it - i feel like i had to have been using it wrong. I had high hopes for that thing when I was painting the stripes on the girls wall lol


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