Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Diaper dabble

I have to admit: I'm not a diaper snob. As long as they do their job, I'm happy. Usually I buy Targets Up brand diapers. They're cute, cheap, and I've never had a problem with leaks.  I recently got some 7th Generation diapers really discounted at the PX, and they worked perfectly as well. I wish I had stocked up on more...oh well. My favorite diaper is Huggies Pure and Natural, mostly because they're cute, but it seems a little silly to spend twice as much for something that's meant for #2 when there are other options that work just as well, so unless I have a coupon, Target brand it is.

With Annaleigh I thought  a lot about using cloth diapers, but Joel was pretty against the idea, so it never went anywhere. I thought about it again with Owen, but I didn't want to invest in something I wasn't sure I'd actually like/use. Then a while back someone put up some G-Diapers on Craigslist. I got three brand new diapers, 4 liners/inserts, and a pack of disposable inserts for $25 which is a crazy cheap price I guess they were a baby gift they weren't interested it. I bought a few more cheap cloth inserts online, and figured this would be the perfect way to try it out with out spending a small fortune.

The way these diapers work is you just stick an insert into a waterproof liner in the diaper, and after baby goes you swap the liner out.

(the disposable one looks like the biggest maxi pad you've ever seen, haha!)

The first time I used them I was disappointed because they leaked right away. I looked something up to make sure I was doing everything right (which I thought I was since it seems pretty simple) but apparently the "G" goes in the back, so I actually had the diapers on backwards. ooops!

I know this is tmi, but Owen only has dirty diapers about once a week, but when he does have them he makes them count. It's always a huge blowout, and an enormous mess. I thought it would be a huge disaster if he went while wearing one of these, but once I got it turned around they work really great. This cloth diaper managed to hold it all without any leaks, so I'm impressed. Overall, I'd say that I like them a lot, but honestly the fact that Owen doesn't have a lot of bm's is probably a big factor in this. If I had to deal with all the extra steps necessary to clean them out every time I used them, they probably wouldn't be as fun. I don't think I'll ever go cloth diapers full time (ok-I KNOW I won't) but having them on the side is working great.
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