Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite Girl Room Ideas

Before pinterest I never really knew what my style taste was, but looking through my boards I definitely see a unity in my preference. I'd say modern farmhouse for the "grown-up" spaces, and ruffly for a little girl...if ruffly was a style that is. Anyways, I'm doing a "if money was no object" post, and starting with girl's room. This is what Annaleigh's actual room looks like. I don't have any plans to change it anytime soon since there's nothing wrong with it, but I do want to start adding blue to it. I feel kind of indifferent towards the pink and green. But blue in a girls room is my favorite.

Like this room from Pottery Barn:

Or this adorable room in a brighter blue:

This capiz shell light is way cute, but at $423, you get the same basic effect from cheap tissue pompoms.

 Poufs are popping up a lot now (or maybe they've been around, and I'm just noticing them?). One day when I'm good at my sewing machine, I would definitely give making one a try.


This bedskirt is definitely on my eventual "to make" list. This particular skirt is $160, which isn't happening, but I think this wouldn't be that hard to replicate from white sheets. One day!

One of my very first pins was another Pottery Barn room. I really love the wall art. Thankfully for me, this print is no longer sold there, so I'll never be tempted to buy it. Hah!

I did find this print over at etsy though. The seller will customize the colors to whatever you want. I can do $8.

If Annaleigh ever gets new bedroom furniture I like this style found at good 'ol Walmart.

This bedspread is $300 on sale at Anthropologie , so it's another not happening, but I love it. Actually I think whatever bedset Allie gets next will be all white, because that is something she'd never outgrow and will go with any style.

Possibly even cuter in color.

Here's two other girls room I really like as well. The dark grey with bright colors is gorgeous!

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