Saturday, August 25, 2012

littles update

 My baby started first grade! I guess not a baby anymore. :/ It's funny though when I think about all the angst I went through last year on deciding whether or not to homeschool. Wasn't funny then, but it is now. I briefly thought about homeschooling him again for the first part of the year so he wouldn't have to start and then change a month later, but once again, I'm glad I didn't. Life is busy enough just day to day, but if I added the move and homeschooling, I'd probably go crazy!
 Besides being super busy with packing, we're surviving. One of the most surpsing things that has happened since Owen's birth is that there has been virtually no jealousy from Sam and Allie. I totally thought Annaleigh would have a hard time adjusting, but they both are over the moon in love with him. Once during O's colicky days he had been crying for hours, and Sam just looked at him and said, "he's such a good baby." Hah! Actually, I guess I can't say there's no jealousy...they will get jealous of each other if one of them is spending too much time with Owen. It's a nice suprise.
Another nice suprise? What "they" say about colic is true-at least in our case. Right around 11 weeks Owen started crying less and less. Thank goodness. That was such a rough period of time. Looking back, it was only nine weeks, but they were nine hard weeks. Joel and I have always had a really good relationship, but at one point I was bawling that that was over and from now on we were "just parents." From the point Joel got home from work, until we crashed it was one or both of us trying to get the baby to stop crying. Owen is still a lot more sensitive that the other two ever were, not only to loud noises, but he needs to be cuddled and held much more. I think since he's our last, I am appreciating his babiness maybe more than I did with the others. I'm not in any hurry for him to get bigger. He still wakes up at least once a night, and eventually (after the move) I'll start working on more sleep training with him, but that was something I'd definitely started with the other two by now. Every kid is different though, right?

Oh! I guess there is one other side affect from the last four months. Annaleigh has suddenly lost all ability to communicate with real words. Everything is "naaah! gooo ga!" She says she's a baby, I say it's driving me crazy!

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  1. he wants to be a hockey player!!! thats a big leap from soldier haha :) So glad owns colic went away! it definitely sucks the life out of the whole family. Kaia does the same thing since Ava still doesn't talk like a big girl - she thinks she is adorable doing it but it's awful lol


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