Saturday, September 15, 2012

goodbye, playroom

One of the things I really loved about our house in Georgia was the extra room that we got to use as a playroom. I'm thinking we won't ever have one again, since it would probably make more sense to put Owen in his own room if we have the space, but we'll see. I put these pictures on facebook before, but I'm going to add them here, since it was my favorite space in our house.

Here's the view from the door. I really love the tree growth chart. It comes off the wall easily, which is great for moving around. I got it here (except I only paid half price!).
The toy kitchen is another favorite, I'm not sure who makes it though. It was actually a gift from a neighbor, and free is always good.
Here's a close up. I did get rid of the toy storage thing, it wasn't that cute and ended up just being a random junk collector.
from Ikea
The curtains were from The Christmas Tree Shop for only $4 a panel, the wall stickers $3 from Ross.
the " 123" containers are from a trip to Ikea that I dragged Joel to while we were in France, haha.
more  $1 Tree stickers :)
What's a playroom without drums? This chore chart is from Melissa and Doug. It's super cute, but not at all little kid friendly, which is a shame because it has spent most of it's time in a closet.

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