Thursday, September 13, 2012

on the road

So very thankful everything worked out. We ended up going with ABF, and even though we only had two days notice, they were able to get to our house in time. They are so much better than u-haul since they drive your stuff for you, and it ends up being right around the same price once you factor gas prices in.  There were so many problems with the uhaul, we're just entirely thankful this worked out. Housing ended up just charging us for one more days rent, so that was fine too. Joel's brother helped load the truck, and when we get to Texas, we'll just hire someone to help us unload.

I've had a few friends ask about dity (do it yourself) moves. Basically, the military will pay to have movers come in and pack/load/ship all your belongings, or they will give you 95% of what they pay their contractors and you can do it yourself. Whatever profit you make, you pay a 30% tax. We were pretty much going to break even with the first movers, but we should actually make something with this new way. I definitely wouldn't have chosen to do things this way, buuut, I get to keep any profit for my future bedroom I'm redoing, so I'll take it...especially since I have to.

Anyways, so far we've made it to Mississippi. Traveling with a dog makes things a lot more of a pain, but we're surviving. Sam and Owen are in one car together and Annaleigh and Dallas in the other.

 Two more days till we get to Texas! I'm pretty excited to see our next house. I have no clue what it looks like, and I think it's a lot of fun. I went to the Dollar Tree before the trip and stocked up on cheap toys for the kids. It's a really good way to give them several new things without going bankrupt. I got both the kids taken care of for under $20. Here's their loot:
(I even found a playmobil at the $1 tree!)

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