Sunday, September 9, 2012


Four months ago when we learned we'd be moving to Texas for six months of training, we started looking for housing immediately. We saw something online that said base housing had an estimated 18 month wait, and it was pretty much impossible to find a three bedroom apartment with only a four month wait time. SO our big plan was to get a two bedroom apartment, and to make that feasible, pack all our stuff ourselves so that we could sort the necessities from the not. We figured there was no possible (or at least sane) way to fit five people, a dog, and all our stuff into a tiny apartment, so the majority of our things would go directly to storage. We also decided to pack ourselves up because if tmo (military contractors) did it there would be no way to sort what was and wasn't absolutely needed. We've moved ourselves before and made a few thousand dollars doing it, so that was another perk, but mostly doing it ourselves was to make 2 bedroom apartment living a possibility.
Turns out we were able to get a place on base...the long wait list was only for people who wanted a brand new home off post, so we'll be getting three bedrooms, but by the time we found this out, we'd already packed most of our stuff and found a moving company, so we figured we might as well finish. Anyways, today was the day for the movers to show up and they get to our house look around and decide they can't fit our stuff in their truck. ??? We did a accurate inventory list online-we even had a professional moving estimator come through our house, so we knew how much stuff we had and they knew how much stuff we have. The movers get to our place and double what they were going to charge us. We already weren't going to be making much this time around, which we knew, but now we're looking at losing 2-3 thousand dollars.
We found a u-pack place that can deliver a "pod" Tuesday (which is the day we have to hand over our keys) so now we get the joy of loading and unloading all our things. (It's the same price if not a little cheaper than a uhaul minus the stress of driving a semi-truck across the country.) It is such a huge mess. We're just praying that it actually gets here on Tuesday and that our housing has a little compassion on us. Just thinking of having to unload everything once we get to TX with just Joel, me, and the three kids makes me a little sick. (That's the reason we were having movers come in the first place rather than just getting a uhaul. Some things just aren't worth the money. :P) At least here in Georgia we have Joel's two brothers to help. Moral of the story? No more dity moves EVER again.
 On top of all this, we took our two cars in for check ups at the mechanic and paid $600 on repairs which is a lot but not horrible, and as soon as I drove my car off the lot, the shock absorbers went out, so we got to pay another $650. Fun, fun, week, and that's my long rant.
The one bright side to this all is that we have family in town, so we're invading their house until we leave. If we had to be in our house with all the boxes right now I'd having a melt-down.

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  1. aw man, that is a lot of stress! i'll be praying everything works out!!!


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