Thursday, October 25, 2012

blessing in disguise

Last month when the whole moving fiasco went down, I thought it was a disaster. Now I'm realizing it was actually a blessing. For the first time in over a year, I feel like I can finally breathe. There is nothing that we have to do, nothing that we're waiting on. Last July we had some of Joel's family move in with us, I got pregnant, we moved, had a baby, and moved again. We've only got about five months left here now, and I know that if we were planning on doing the move ourselves again, that would always be on the back of my mind. But since our last move was such a mess, we're letting the military take care of it for us, and it's wonderful. I'm sure it's a lot of things, but I have just felt so happy since moving to Texas, but I do think that not having the worry of moving again is the main part.

Oh, and I know it's technically not pc to talk about money, but we got reimbursed by TMO this week. Overall, we made around 2K this move, which makes me really grateful things didn't work out with the moving company (now that it's all over) since it only looked like we were going to lose money with them. Two thousand dollars is a lot of money, and almost makes doing it ourselves again tempting, but honestly, we're not hurting for money, we don't have debt to pay off, and it's not like we're actually losing anything, so we're still sticking with our decision to not do it ourselves this time around. Maybe next next time though. ;)

I'm also reeeeeally hoping it's not a mistake and we don't end up having to pay part back, but we were given $4,300 for the trip from GA to TX (it includes weight tickets from two cars, plus all meals, gas, hotels, ect...) but that definitely covers all our expenses PLUS the expensive mechanic bills we had right before we left. So all in all, everything worked out nicely in the end!

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  1. That is a blessing! You were pretty brave for moving yourselfs. Joe is thinking that if we stay in the states to try to move ourselves. lol. WE will see.


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