Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas for Allie

Well, now that Halloween is over, I can officially start thinking about Christmas. This really is my favorite time of year!! I've got presents taken care of for extended family, and I'm so glad that's finished. Last year I was really last minute on buying things, and there was too much running around, so I'm trying hard to have everything done with plenty of time to spare.
We got an American Girl catalog in the mail recently, and Annaleigh has that thing memorized. As much as I love those dolls (I wanted one so badly growing up) there is no way I'm buying a three year old one-especially with a puppy who still chews everything. Maybe one day, but it will be some sort of right of passage thing. ;)
I've spent time looking around at different 18" dolls, and finally settled on this one from Toys R Us. It's a Journey Girl, and they have really good reviews (besides the hair), but they're $33 which is way cheaper than A.G. (And apparently it's not that hard to change up doll's hair? You can learn how to do anything online...) Allie has a cheap doll from Hobby Lobby, but her eyes are going wonky-she's fine, but not great.

(the doll in the middle is the Journey doll  (with a wig) next to two American Girls)
I decided to practice my sewing skills, and do something useful, so I'm planning on making a bunch of outfits to give her at Christmas along with the doll. It's a really non-threatening way to learn, haha.  It's going to take me a while before I'm ready to let Annaleigh go out in public in the things I make her, but I don't care if the doll looks like a mess.  Here's a couple things I've started:

pillowcase dress. I actually like the colors on this one so much, I think I'm going to make Allie a version for herself one day
My failed skirt attempt from earlier. I changed up the elastic and later I'll add ribbon to make shoulder straps


  1. cute!!! you and i need to get together and you can teach me how to sew :) yeah i cant justify buying an american girl doll. apparently in the recent years they started making them in china and the quality went way down (or so say the doll collectors). we got kaia a fake one from target for her birthday - I've had a few of the real ones and you could have fooled me! i think the fake ones will become more popular than the real ones!

  2. thanks! thankfully I had my sister-in-law show me how to get started. I can't believe the quality of those dolls is in question (and I'd believe the collectors more than anybody). Super high quality is the only reason I could see forking out $100+ for a doll.

  3. I had an American Girl doll growing up and I loved it. The clothes in the magazine were always to expensive so my mom made some clothes, which I liked just as much as the other clothes. I also think fake ones are just as good, definitely cheaper.


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