Thursday, October 18, 2012

first bites

Owen had his first taste of food today! (Well, technically, I gave him a tiny bit of guacamole yesterday...) I'm not in a real hurry to get him started on food. First, the new recommendation is to wait until 6 months to help with allergies, and second, spoon feeding a baby just isn't one of my favorite things to do, and once you really start, there's no going back. So I kinda figure I won't rush things. I do think he's getting ready now though, so I'm going to slowly start introducing foods to him. I plan on making his baby food, since I did that with Annaleigh, and it turned out to be really easy and actually fun to do. Anyways, I decided to start with carrots, because I had some of those on hand! Although it seems that avocados are pretty much the perfect baby food, so I'll need to stalk up on those too. Annaleigh had a really bad allergy to oats, and from other reading I've done, I'm pretty sure we'll be staying away from grains for a while.

If you really care, I found this article pretty interesting:

Anyways, I put Owen in his high chair and just plopped some carrots right on the tray. I figured he could play in it, and maybe get some in his own mouth just to start trying new tastes. It was amazing. The first dinner since he was born that we haven't held him. At least that's what it seems like. He was so fascinated by it! I think these pictures say it all :)



  1. he's so cute! spoon feeding babies is cute with the first one, and after that it is a little annoying lol it takes forever and half the time they just fight you for the spoon. I've been hearing a lot about the baby led feeding but I'm not too sure about it because what I read, once they show interest in food and are reaching for it and bringing it to their mouth they're supposedly ready - well Kaia was doing that at 2 months old lol

  2. That's how I kinda feel about it too. I'm definitely not about to hand Owen a drumstick or anything, I guess I thought it was interesting becuase I was totally paranoid/freaked out about Sam choking. It's true that reaching for things and putting it in their mouths is what babies do because that's what babies do...


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