Monday, October 22, 2012

House Tour, part 1

Here are a few pictures of our home in Texas! I'll post the rest in a few days (or whenever they're clean ;) It's a good deal smaller than our last house, but we've pretty much got everything unpacked now!
Here's the living room:

I h.a.t.e. that slipcover. Looking forward to getting a new couch when we move!

hallway-pictures from Cali & France
 View from the dining room

not a whole lot of counterspace, but
I really appreciate that the microwave is at least off them!

Top of the stairs!
Something the kids and I made (although I still need to paint over the fingerprints Annaleigh added and maybe redo the footprints)
It has Allie's handprints, Sam drew the heart, and Owen's sweet little baby feet

Owen's little room (with the monster dollhouse that we have officially decided to sale).
His crib set doesn't match everything else, but I have the perfect sheets and blanket (thanks to his grandma and grandpa in France!) for when I take the bumper down.

Close up of the picture Joel doesn't like ;)

the lamp needs help...
another view

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  1. These are really great pictures. I liked them a lot. You have such adorable kids!


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