Saturday, October 20, 2012

Making me a football fan

I've decided to become a football fan (because that's how it works of course). Or more technically, Joel decided.
Joel is a huge sports fan, and while I loved hockey in high school, I'm not that into them. A couple months ago I was half...ok...a fourth listening to Joel talk about some team and I realized that for the past nine years, I've pretty much not been listening to him.To my credit, I do it in a nice way. I at least pretend that I'm listening, but I don't think he's fooled.
So I decided to make an effort. I told my husband to pick a sport (out of soccer, football, and basketball), so he picked football, and since he didn't have one specific favorite team, we had to pick a team. Denver Broncos made the final cut. We sat down together and I learned the rules of football. If there is talk of the Broncos in the house, I am doing my very best to actively listen, and I've even watched a few (well, a part of a few) games. I think it makes Joel happy to finally have me participate in something he cares about, and I'm actually finding it a lot of fun. Joel even bought me a jersey. :)
The funny part of this all, is that Sam has very clearly stated that he is not going to be a Bronco fan. Apparently he already has a team-the Chicago Bears.

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  1. aww you're so cute - what a good wife! I'm terrible, if there's a team sean is rooting for I always root for the opposite team (i like some competition to keep things interesting ;)) sean would love for me to do this though!


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