Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easy Apple Ducklings...Dumplings

I don't think I have any original recipes on my blog yet. I kind of figure there are people who dedicate their whole days/lives to cooking, so I'll leave the originality to them.  However, I figure finding the good ones in the thousands of recipes out there is something.

I've never had apple dumplings before, but my husband has been asking, so I do what any good wife would do and google "EASY apple dumplings."

Quick dumpling story: I got chicken dumplings and apple dumplings confused, so I ended up making chicken dumplings, but Annaleigh thought I said ducklings, and because I thought it was kind of funny, I didn't correct her (although I thought she might get upset, and then I would have to). She's normally a pretty picky eater and hates trying new things, but she was so intrigued by the thought of having ducklings for dinner she tried them. Her conclusion was "I don't like the chicken but I do like the ducklings." I guess from now on, I just need to pick more adorable baby animals to serve for dinner. Whatever works, moms. Whatever works.

Anyways, the first time I made these:
Joel was pretty certain I was getting it all wrong when he saw me pouring mountain dew all over it, but it works.  There are a lot of reviews on how to cut calories, but I just make it as is and cut the recipe in half. I like to pretend that that means I'm getting 50% less calories.

served on top of vanilla ice cream=dessert perfection!

I love my Cinnamon Sugar Grinder from Trader Joes. There are no Trader Joes anywhere close to where I live, so I'm a little dissapointed it's almost gone.

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  1. that looks amazing! i can check out the trader joes in the area and see if they have any and send you one if i am able to find it!


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