Monday, November 19, 2012

Our house

 So far Joel is the only person left in his class that does not have orders. I'm starting to get a little anxious! Five people are going to Germany, and the rest are scattered at not great places. I  hope we find out soon so that we can either be happy, or at least get used to being disappointed. ;)   (It could be a while though because he's higher ranked than the other students, and he gets orders last)  We have already spent a lot of time talking and thinking about what we'll do if we move abroad...for example, we could use a new washer/dryer set and would get them on Black Friday, but we can't take them with us if we go overseas, so we're going to wait on that. We'd also need to sell a car since the military will only ship one. It's just a bunch of little details that would be nice to know so that we can plan things ahead of time (or so we know we don't have anything to do). I really want to go to Germany (or Hawaii I'm not picky, lol!), but I just remind myself that wherever we do end up, we're there for a reason!
So here's the second part of my little house tour. The first part is here.
Here's the dining room. The curtains cover a door that leads to a little fenced in patio area. You can kinda see my sewing desk area in the back of the room. I've been spending a lot of my time there lately!
I've already shown the below picture, but to explain the layout of the house a little, when I took the picture, I was standing in the dining room. On the other side of the kitchen (to the left) there's another hallway that connects to the dining room + the staircase and a bathroom. The layout of the downstairs is a little difficult to work with as far as baby-proofing goes.

my bookshelf with all my (and Joel's) favorite knick-knacks

Instead of showing pictures of my toilet, here's the art in my bathroom. This set is one of my very favorite decorations I own. We got them as a wedding gift from a family in France.

I love this little Avon lavender wreath.
the kids get a sparkly shower curtain
 Here is Sam and Annaleigh's room. It is a total mash up of girl and boy. I think if they were going to share for a long time I'd try to neutralize it a little bit, but we're only here for a few months...
 haha, you see that brown dresser in the back?? That was totally my special project to do while I was pregnant with Owen. You can see how much I accomplished with that tiny spot of blue paint. :P

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