Monday, November 12, 2012

Princess Project

I'm not a big "brand" person. I'll spend more money for quality, but not for a logo. I will definitely  pay more for fair trade items, and things that support a good cause though. Thanks to World Vision I've got all the extended family's gifts purchased, and it was definitely the best I've felt over Christmas presents. It's my goal to find gifts with a good cause from now on. How awesome is it to be able to give someone a present, and make a little bit of a difference in the world!?

Here is one I'm excited about!

Punjammies are pajamas created by women who were enslaved in prostitution. When these women are "lucky" enough to get out, they face a huge problem of re-integrating into the population. What do you do when you have no education, and your  family and society shuns you for what you did? It's one of those horrible vicious cycles that can be impossible to overcome.  The International Princess Project provides a care center for these women. It helps them recover from the trauma of their lives, and it teaches them sewing skills to help them provide for themselves. At you can purchase the clothes that these women make. The prices of the clothes  are low enough that anyone can help out (of course you can always donate money without a purchase), $15  will get you a cute pair of shorts!

Cute, right? Here are the links to check out!


  1. very cool! i will definitely have to look into that!

  2. Cute, and a good cause too. I'm trying to follow you but GFC keeps saying, 'sorry...' phft.

    I'll try back later. :)


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