Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Trouble With Kids...

The trouble with kids, is that they are crazy. The make the simplest of tasks so much work. I have put off going to the post office for weeks...pssssh....months (sorry Mom you never got your birthday present!) simply because that quick trip with kids is such a headache.

Today's example: yoga. I know that there are some people that really enjoy working out. At one point in my life I was one of them. I loved running. Now I love sitting on the couch in a quiet room with a bowl of ice cream. (My husband often asks me why don't I watch tv or something, but the truth is, it's the silence I want.)

Anyways, I'm working on getting the rest of the baby weight off. Owen is only six months, but eventually I'll have to stop blaming him for the extra pounds. I'm not sure exactly when that day is, but I know it's coming.

The trouble with working out is that it's so much work. I did six crunches, and called it a day for my abs. Then I threw in my yoga dvd, and even though it was morning, decided to do the night time stress reliever, or whatever it's called. That's how I roll these days-I figure with three kids, I have plenty of stress! I absolutely love the parts where you get to lie on the ground, and still get to say you're doing yoga. That's about as good as it gets.

At least it would feel good if doing yoga wasn't an invitation to become a human jungle gym for your three year old. At right about this point, I start giggling when the lady starts using the words "calm" and "relaxing" to describe poses and state of mind :

how's my form? ;)

And then at this point, I happened to look under the couch, and I found my missing pack of Sweet Cherry & Island Lime gum. Of course, I had to immediately see if it was as delicious as I remembered (it is), which ultimately led to the demise of my workout program. It's hard to take exercising seriously when there is a cherry limeade explosion in your mouth. Oh well, there's always tomorrow...
I figure that if all else fails, I have enough, ahem, "squish" to make this genius product work. I may just have to give it a try...


  1. hahaha i am seriously cracking up... i use the morning yoga workout if i do it at all. the whole focus is slowly stretching and gently waking up and 90% of it is laying down. and yes, any time i try to do sit ups i end up with a child straddling me and sitting on my stomach. the abhancer is starting to look like a good option for me ;)

  2. I still blame my extra weight on the kids and they are 11 and 8. LOL

    Now that is has gotten cold I really do not want to do my walks and I am trying to get hubby to buy me a eliptical, but I will still be in the cold garage but at least I would be close to the house if I am needed.


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