Saturday, December 22, 2012

gingerbread houses, gifts, & gender guessing

A few weeks ago, our town had a gingerbread house competition, and here were a few of my favorites. One year I want to try making one, but this year is not that year.


I did get things together this year and had a teacher's gift in time for Christmas! I didn't do the homemade caramel sauce like I planned, but that's the least of my concerns.
 Ms. F. didn't get any of the cream cheese since it needs to be refrigerated, so we just did caramel with skor candy on top (in a $1 jar from Hobby Lobby), added some homemade cinnamon ornaments, and a gift card to Olive Garden.

these are the ones we did for the kid's Sunday school teachers. I made a bad judgement call and let Allie watch and she ended up coughing into two of the made-jars, so two people are only getting caramel. :P It did result in us getting some of the dip, which is delicious. I will definitely be making some more for us!


also, thought I'd point out these gift bags that I love. I got them after Christmas last year from Hobby Lobby for about 20 cents each. They are so glittery I can't stand it. :P
Ok. Now to the gender guessing. Annaleigh realized that there are certain people that she can't tell the gender of (namely, elderly people and women with short hair). Anytime she's uncertain she asks-very loudly- IS THAT A BOY OR A GIRL, MOM? It's so embarrassing, and I feel bad for the person in question so I'm definitely trying to put a stop to that. Mostly, I'm hoping that they can't understand what she's saying.

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  1. At first I saw the picture before I read what you wrote. I was gonna say geeze woman you got some real talent with gingerbread houses!!! lol. I can't wait to see pictures of your next year!
    Merry Christmas


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