Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Wife, Bad Wife

It's been a while since my last Good Wife, Bad Wife post. I'm feeling a teeny bit shaky on which side I fall on for this one.
Subject matter? Yesterday's post. I'm going to skip ahead and show you a few of my very favorite home ideas:

Notice a theme? White. I absolutely love white. It's bright and cheery and clean (at least before the reality of three kids and a dog set in).  As much as I love it, Joel hates it. He leans toward color & modern designs, while I am monochromatic & traditional/farmhouse. This is probably the biggest area where we don't see eye to eye.

We're (I'm, haha) planning on a new bedroom once we move, and we've looked at probably hundreds of bedsets, until we finally found  this bedroom set from Kohls that we both like. I however can't get rid of my want for a white comforter...

Good Wife:
 1. Being economical. I was given about ten yards of white fabric, so it's pretty much free.
2. I'm not forcing him to buy the $180 Pottery Barn one.
3. I'm standing firm on this one. Being confident in one's choice has to be a good thing, right?
4. I'm not subjecting him to future pouting.
Bad Wife:
1. I know that Joel hates it as much as I love it.
2. I also know that by making the thing myself, there is no way he can say no to it. That would just be wrong. ;)
3. Thanks to a friend (Thanks Christine!), I learned that Target has a $40 version, so if mine fails, I'll probably still buy it.
4. There was actual horror in his eyes when I showed him what I was working on, his response was, "I thought we were buying one??" (we still are).

1 comment:

  1. i will argue good wife for you haha
    1. it's just a comforter, not like you are making over the entire house in a style he hates.
    2. what makes you happy to come to bed should make him happy ;)
    3. you let him put up fat heads (thats what those sports player wall stickers are called right?)
    4. im sure there is some other design element you could add to the room that would fit his style and you both could be happy!

    it always annoyed me but I guess i'm lucky sean literally doesnt care about anything. i could probably cover the entire house with pink leopard print and cardboard furniture and he'd barely bat an eye. :P


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