Friday, December 21, 2012


Sam and Annaleigh's different takes on Santa Claus....

When Sam was three, he had a disappointing Christmas because he thought Santa would be in our house handing out presents in the morning. Last year Sam was starting to doubt the validity of Mr. Claus, so I just told him Santa only brings toys to kids that believe and he quickly deemed himself a believer. (Smart boy!) This year, so cute...the two things he really wanted and was asking for was a DS and a remote control helicopter. Unfortunately, those two things weren't happening this year (no to the ds just because, and no to the helicopter because it would be broken in a day, but we did get him a remote control tank complete with  firing "missiles" so I think he'll be happy.) I let him know that mom and dad wouldn't be getting him those things so he wouldn't be expecting them, so he said he'd ask Santa. I told him Santa doesn't make those kind of things in his shop. Here is the letter he wrote in school:
He let me know as soon as I saw it that he knows that Santa probably can't make a car, so what he is really asking for is crayons. That is just so Sam. Such a logical little boy. He decided he needed new crayons, and that Santa should be able to make those, so that's what he's going with. Maybe this is just cute to me though, because I am his mom. :P

Now Annaleigh...
she reeeeeeeally wants a pink computer (where do kids come up with this stuff?) She's been asking for months. Thankfully they now make toy laptops, so Walmart is going to fulfill her greatest dream. Last night I asked her if she thought Santa would bring her one for Christmas, and she totally gave me the three year old equivalent of rolled eyes and she said, "there is no Santa." What!!?? 

We don't really push Santa, still, you'd think at three you wouldn't question it, but that is Annaleigh for you.

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  1. so cute :) yeah im not a santa pusher either. sean is though :P he feels like childhood is incomplete without santa


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