Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day...

Lately I've been trying to a find more balance in my life. For about the past two years I have this cycle of spending all day Monday cleaning, Tuesday and Wednesday playing with kids & doing errands, Thursday cleaning all day again, and Friday and the weekend doing whatever. It's kind of left me with a feeling of nothing ever really being accomplished. Anyways, I've recently started a new daily schedule, and it has really been helping my days. Obviously kids don't follow a schedule, so it's a loose one, but basically I decided how much time I wanted to spend doing certain things (like cleaning) and once I hit that time limit, it is what it is. It's evened out my days, and I'm getting more accomplished. So far so good!
I wrote "tidy" because that implies that's all that needs to be done, haha. "clean" just sounds like more work.

my pretty Bible Joel bought me

6:30 happy to be allowed to come downstairs finally (she woke up to my alarm)

eating a bowl of raisin bran sans milk :P



watching Bolt


Allie is the queen of matching games
lol, I was trying to get a picture of Owen's new teeth, when Annaleigh helped out

cracking eggs

definitely not licking the spoon to the cookie dough batter ;)

doggie soaking up some sunshine

haha, so you know, I'm the perfect mommy. playing card games, baking cookies, scrapbooking... What you don't see is Owen screaming, Annaleigh mad at me because she wants to use every single sticker, and my raging headache. :P
Also, this happens to be the very first scrapbook page we've ever done for Annaleigh. I am SO behind!!

2:50, waiting for Sam to get out of school!


doing homework

Aaand, that's where the pictures stop, because from the time Sam gets home (3:15) until bedtime (7) it gets really hectic!

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  1. I have to schedule my down like that too....down to the tiniest detail. Otherwise, I could get entirely consumed by one activity!


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