Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby weight

 Owen is nine months yesterday! When did that happen?? He's 17.75 pounds, and I'm not sure how tall, because at that point of the doctor visit I was busy yelling at Sam and Allie  to stop fighting.
My sweet baby loves his mama. For the last two months, he cries when we drop him off at the nursery. That is much earlier than what the other two did, so I was surprised.  He's also finally starting to be able to play on his own a little which is a great relief to my arm (it's also amazing how much I can get done with two hands). I'm also pretty sure that my poor baby has a sinus infection right now, he's always been sensitive to climate/move changes, but he's been downright miserable this week, and sick off and on for the past month. Let's see...he loves raisins, and if Annaleigh leaves an orange peel anywhere, he LOVES to eat those. :P
Owen turning nine months also means we've reached another milestone:
nine months on, nine months off
I want to know who came up with that business, because gaining weight is a whole lot easier than losing it! That being said, I not only made that goal, but I passed it. I think in large part,  having three kids means you're always running, but I also made a bunch of changes to my diet. I've almost completely stopped eating cereal which is big (I'd eat three bowls a morning). Eating a more substantial breakfast keeps me fuller longer, and I snack a lot less the rest of the day. I also stopped buying junk food almost completely (minus ice cream. that will never go). I can finish off a big bag of Lays in two days, but if they're not in the house, I can't do that. The first few months were hard. I'd daydream about grease, but that has largely gone away.
I still have five pounds to my final goal weight (I gained, 40, but I'd like to lose 50 pounds altogether-I was actually ten pounds heavier than normal when I got pregnant. I totally had a "might as well, I'm gonna get fat soon anyways!" attitude that summer. :)
And really, I'm not concerned about that last five at this point. Right now I'm focusing on getting stronger. My C-section area is a wreck. I can still barely hold my stomach in for more than a few seconds. I hate being able to feel it, it's creepy knowing that's where I was cut open. I :P So that's my big goal now.
D-Day +40
1 month (post-partum)+30


3 months + 23
6 months (back to pre-baby weight)
9 months -5 (off my pregnancy weight)
So there it is! The diet changes/exercising isn't always fun, but I figure it's easier to live with than to sit around and hate the way I feel about myself.


  1. you look amazingggg! (and i never would have guessed that a tiny girl like yourself ate 3 bowls of cereal every morning lol)

  2. thanks Christine! I can be a miss piggy when I set my mind on it ;)


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