Tuesday, January 29, 2013

dog days

The thing about dogs is that they are really really awesome in theory. It's easy to "romanticize" them and think of all the fun you'll have. All the afternoon walks you'll feel inspired to take, having someone there to greet you when you get home, a fluffy little head to love on, games of fetch, cute little sweaters...

And then you get one, and the "someone happy to greet you" turns into you doing weird body contortions in an attempt to get a baby in a carseat and two kids through the front door, all while not letting the dog out. Walking the dog is a lot less fun when it takes place in the freezing cold at 5:30 in the morning (I get the morning shift, Joel gets the night, and we swap through the day). Comforting a crying Annaleigh because that fluffy head chewed off (brand new of course) Rapunzel's arm. Sometimes, I stick a sweater on the dog just because he hates it, and I like to watch him pout.

But, today having a dog finally paid off!  I've been sick as a dog (ugh, couldn't help myself!) and trying to find ways to entertain the kids can be hard. Annaleigh happily enjoyed a Strawberry Shortcake marathon, but that still leaves Baby.
A handful of cheerios on the couch, a dog waiting eagerly below, and Owen was set for a good time. Owen loves dinnertime & Dallas and he gets mad if Dallas doesn't come entertain him. He's gotten good at launching food off the highchair, and whatever he doesn't want goes straight to the dog. I've seen things like "100 ways to entertain your kid while lying down" but for right now, throwing breakfast cereal at the pup works like a charm.
 (Don't worry, I actually do love Dallas, but  I am really hoping for a fenced in yard at our next place. Fingers crossed!)

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