Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nebraska, here we come!

Big, big new! We got our assignment!! Definitely not Germany or Hawaii, but Nebraska! What a shock! We were told at the beginning of the month that we were either going to (middle-of-nowhere) CA or VA. Cali was the one place we reeeeally didn't want to go, so for the past two weeks, I've been mentally preparing myself for it, and finally gotten to the point where I'd accepted that that's where we were going.

When Joel first said "Nebraska" I was pretty upset. I figured Nebraska is all cornfields, and we'd be stuck in some dusty, tiny town for the next four years. Turns out we're basically going to be in Omaha, which is by far the biggest town we'll have ever lived in with kids. I'm actually really excited now. There will be things to do other than a park! There's even a zoo in town, haha! (Zoo's have always been a 1.5-3 hour drive from us.) Housing looks great, and we should get a four bedroom (hopefully), we'll definitely have a yard, although it might not be fenced in.

The one thing I'm a little bummed about is that we're nowhere near family for the most part. I have a brother going to college in Kansas, so he's pretty close (4.5) hours, but besides him, travel times are going to range from 9-20 hours. I figure if we ended up at CA or VA, we wouldn't have been any closer, and I wasn't actually expecting to be near family.

Joel is really happy. I guess the mission at Offutt is a good one. I totally don't remember this, but apparently when we were filling out our Base of Preference sheet, he considered putting NE on it, but I gave him a pretty definite "no way." I think if he had put it on our sheet and we ended up getting it, he (we) might have felt like we stole Hawaii or Germany away from ourselves, but that's obviously not the case! This is the first "real" AFB we'll be at, so that should be fun too! Joel also thinks he may get a day shift, whereas the other two bases were almost definite night jobs.

Also, looks like we have to get ready for some pretty serious winters! Some parts of Omaha got 16 inches last week! The plus side is that we'll have mild summers (highs of 87). I need to start looking for winter gear for all of us...

And just for fun, I went ahead and looked up all the places we've lived, plus our next stop. Gotta say, we're beginning to look well traveled! (add in Florida for college and where I met Joel)

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