Wednesday, February 27, 2013

something new

Well, we bought a new car. A brand new car!! After getting past the initial sticker shock and what have we done!? I am really excited. It's so pretty, and best of all it's "my" car. ;)

Since last Saturday, Joel has spent a good 20+ hours researching cars. We wanted to get something reliable and with low miles-something we'd keep for a long time rather than replacing every couple years. Joel especially wanted me to have something that was going to be safe & dependable for when he gets deployed. Cars are holding their value really well, and once we realized it would only be about three thousand more for a new one, we decided to go that route. (I know I said we always buy used, but in this case, we decided saving money that wasn't our main priority.)

Basically, we knew we wanted something a little bigger- but not BIG as mpg's were super important, and then of course, price. five:
Honda CRV
Toyota Camry
Nissan Altima
Ford Fusion
Hyundai Sonata

We went and saw all of them, I sat in the backseat of every one-thinking long term here! In ten years Sam will be 17(!), and we plan to still have this car then. One dealer rolled his eyes and said something about us being " really meticulous." We didn't buy his car. :P  I went into it  positive I wanted a CRV, but once I saw it I was pretty disappointed. It wasn't any bigger than the others besides the trunk, and I was swayed by all the shiny things in the other cars. Anyways, here she is. We got "lucky" and they didn't have the basic model we wanted in stock, so we got the fancy upgraded one for nearly the same price...I got a moon roof!

going from this:

to the Nissan Altima!

(the gold Focus in the back is Joel's car)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

men vs women


Me: Ah, this song always makes me feel like crying!

Joel: Yeah. The thought of the kids never growing up makes me want to cry too.


Friday, February 22, 2013

everything nice

Today I asked Annaleigh to clean up the blocks in her room. A few minutes later she hadn't moved, so I asked her why she wasn't cleaning up. Her answer, God told her she didn't have to clean her room. Haha! Clever girl found someone that outranks me!

 A while back we went to a yard sale and there were tons of little figurines so the kids each got to pick one out. Sam got a little Dalmatian playing in a bucket of paint. Allie picked out this gem:
precious, isn't it?
It was definitely an interesting choice, so I asked her what they were doing...I figured maybe she thought they were hugging or playing or something other than what is actually happening. Nope. Her answer, "He's going to EAT the sheep!!"
The other night when Joel was tucking Allie into her bed, she mentioned to him that she doesn't like my kisses. Lol! Since she was two she's been wiping them off and saying "yuck." Guess I should have seen that one coming!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

almost perfect weekend

(Sorry! This is a long post with a bunch of pictures!)
Joel had a three day weekend, and we decided to make an overnight trip to San Antonio. Sunday morning we got up early and did a tour of the downtown area...the Alamo,
Riverwalk, and Mercado.
 Not so much fun for the kids, but still a nice time!
After a ton of walking we headed for the hotel, and that's where the fun ended for the day. On our way to dinner the car acted "weird" and the check engine light went on. Thankfully we now have enough common sense to take it seriously, because eight years ago we probably would have taken the risk to bring it home (and suffered the consequences). Anyways, that was Sunday night, so there wasn't anything to do about it till morning, so back to the hotel...
Where Owen screamed a collective total of four hours. Two to fall asleep, and two hours from 12:50-2:50. It was miserable. At home he will only go to sleep if you put him in his crib, turn off all the lights, and shut the door. He'll cry for about five minutes then go to sleep. He absolutely will not be rocked to sleep, and if you leave his door open & check on him his crying will stretch for hours. Grateful we found a system at home, but definitely didn't help at the hotel (which now makes me dread the trip to NE coming up!). 
After a long, long night, we stopped by a car rental place, dropped my car off at a mechanic, and headed to Sea World.
That's where the fun started again. It was perfect! The morning was really cloudy (but still in the 70's!), so I think that kept a lot of people away. You can see from the pictures how empty it was. That meant we got awesome seats to everything and didn't have to wait in line for anything.


Baby Owen watching the show.

I had no clue I got this picture! I was taking a pic of the whale's tail and then whoosh-we were soaked. Owen was not amused!

see how empty!?

Annaleigh's favorite was the dolphins
haha, Joel's smiling for the camera cracked me up. :)
Sam's first time on a roller coaster. It was "totally outstanding" according to him.

love this one!!

Not so fun part was getting a call from the mechanic. Basically, the transmission had a major  problem where over long distances the engine was building pressure, and it would take a few days to fix...$700 to get it fixed, $300 to rent a car for a week, and next Saturday Joel has to go back to pick the car up (3.5 hours away). We've put so much money into my car (Hyundai Elantra). At this point we want to sell it as quick as possible. That extra $1,000 made our little trip a bit more expensive than we were anticipating. ;)
The big blessing in disguise to all of this is that it happened where it did. Obviously it would have been better to have broken down in our town (even better to never happen...), but since it's a long distance problem, it wouldn't have. If we hadn't taken our little trip, then it we would have happened on our way to Nebraska, and there isn't a whole lot between here and there. I think that would have been a lot worse, and potentially even more expensive.

Friday, February 15, 2013

another year

not 30 yet, but the feeling's the same!
this one is my favorite to give to people on facebook :)
Anyways, another year gone! We ended up celebrating my birthday on Sunday, which I thought was sweet of Joel. That let me stay in bed all day (other than when we were at church and out eating Mexican for lunch). Joel and the kids made me a really cute cake, but I was told that I absolutely was not allowed to share pictures. :)
Exciting news for me! For my birthday I got a new cell phone. My first one in 5.5 years!
I used to work costumer service for Virgin Mobile and have been with them almost 9 years, but now I'm making the switch over to Tracfone. Funny enough, I got my last phone upgrade while we were stationed here in Texas.
excited about the qwerty board for my fat thumbs!
the only thing a little sad is the amount of photos I'm leaving behind on this old thing. It starts at Sam as a two year old, and goes through Allie & Owen's births! Not too sad though since they're so teeny anyways.
Then comes Valentines Day. Awhile back ago, Joel and I decided not to celebrate it with gifts. There's just too much gift giving in a year between our anniversary, Christmas, birthdays, and mothers/father's day. It's probably the lazy way out, but we were both happy to take it. Usually I make a fancy dinner, wear something skimpy, and we eat dinner after the kids go to bed, but this year that didn't even happen. (Although our church is having a parents night out tonight, so we get a few special child free hours this evening. I can't tell you how much I love our church for pulling this together each month, haha!) I also had big plans for the kids that didn't happen (again). This morning I've been telling myself that my inability to pull through on plans such as cutting their toast in heart shapes does not reflect on my love for them as their mother. ;)
Here are a few ideas that did not happen:
I am so in love with this color scheme right now. I've got plans for Allie's room at our next house using these colors!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

three things...

 There has been at least three incidents in the past few months where I apparently find a dream I'm having so incredibly funny, I can't stop laughing. Like literally laughing out loud. Last night it was a dream about getting dizzy on a swing and not being able to walk straight (actually not that funny...). Poor Joel woke up from a dead sleep to hear me  laughing like a maniac, and had no clue what was going on. The fact that I know it's all a little nuts, makes it actually funny, so I laugh even harder. Aaaah, when I think of Joel all  "what in the world is going on over there!?" Bahaha, hilarious! And weird. Lol! 
Second thing: I finally made Allie a pillowcase dress, which is actually the main reason I bought a sewing machine in the first place! I think up till now, I didn't trust my sewing abilities to make her something she'd actually wear in public. It came out a little shorter than I intended, but I can add a bottom layer later. 

Made a little hair bow to match!
And finally, I also tried a sweet and sour chicken for the first time. Mostly, and a little embarrassing, because I'm totally swayed by phrases on Pinterest like "MOST ADDICTING FOOD YOU'LL EVER MAKE." Haha! Anyways, it actually turned out really good and it was simple to make. Not as healthy as they make you want to believe, but definitely healthier than the stuff you'd buy at a Chinese restaurant. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

garden plans

I have this jar of money I'm saving up. Joel thinks it's a little silly, and say's I can just get what I want, but I'm saving it up for something anyways. I haven't decided exactly on what yet. It's all a little weird, since we don't have money issues in our house other than me feeling bad about spending it when it's something only I care about.Technically, we each have an "allowance"  every month budgeted in, but this is just a little extra I've been saving up.

I've got a few ideas brewing. Originally it was this bed I wanted to get the kids (they have a perfectly fine one, so it's not something we need, but I really like it).
I've also considered this sewing machine that embroiders.
But now, I think I've come up with what I really want, although it's totally dependent on our next house,I want to have a awesome patio garden. We'll be at our next duty station for at least four years so hopefully we'll have time to enjoy it. My mom is an amazing gardener, and although I've never had a garden that's not embarrassing, I think I have her love for playing in the dirt. Here are a few pictures I'm drooling over:


I have some faded and squirrel chewed patio furniture I want to repaint, I'd also like to find an outdoor rug...I'm excited about all the possibilities!

How cute are these tiny fairy gardens??? At the very least, I'm having one of these. :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Things this week that make me smile:


new rug in the living room!
sheepskin rug in the bedroom. So fluffy!!
learning how to turn pants into a cute skirt
baby shoes
kiwi+frozen strawberries+orange juice
Spicy sweet potato fries
big DIY project underway!

waiting for my flowers to bloom!
Omaha! I am actually really excited about our move (never thought I'd say that about Nebraska!). I think it's just what we were looking for...not too big, not too small. 
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