Tuesday, February 19, 2013

almost perfect weekend

(Sorry! This is a long post with a bunch of pictures!)
Joel had a three day weekend, and we decided to make an overnight trip to San Antonio. Sunday morning we got up early and did a tour of the downtown area...the Alamo,
Riverwalk, and Mercado.
 Not so much fun for the kids, but still a nice time!
After a ton of walking we headed for the hotel, and that's where the fun ended for the day. On our way to dinner the car acted "weird" and the check engine light went on. Thankfully we now have enough common sense to take it seriously, because eight years ago we probably would have taken the risk to bring it home (and suffered the consequences). Anyways, that was Sunday night, so there wasn't anything to do about it till morning, so back to the hotel...
Where Owen screamed a collective total of four hours. Two to fall asleep, and two hours from 12:50-2:50. It was miserable. At home he will only go to sleep if you put him in his crib, turn off all the lights, and shut the door. He'll cry for about five minutes then go to sleep. He absolutely will not be rocked to sleep, and if you leave his door open & check on him his crying will stretch for hours. Grateful we found a system at home, but definitely didn't help at the hotel (which now makes me dread the trip to NE coming up!). 
After a long, long night, we stopped by a car rental place, dropped my car off at a mechanic, and headed to Sea World.
That's where the fun started again. It was perfect! The morning was really cloudy (but still in the 70's!), so I think that kept a lot of people away. You can see from the pictures how empty it was. That meant we got awesome seats to everything and didn't have to wait in line for anything.


Baby Owen watching the show.

I had no clue I got this picture! I was taking a pic of the whale's tail and then whoosh-we were soaked. Owen was not amused!

see how empty!?

Annaleigh's favorite was the dolphins
haha, Joel's smiling for the camera cracked me up. :)
Sam's first time on a roller coaster. It was "totally outstanding" according to him.

love this one!!

Not so fun part was getting a call from the mechanic. Basically, the transmission had a major  problem where over long distances the engine was building pressure, and it would take a few days to fix...$700 to get it fixed, $300 to rent a car for a week, and next Saturday Joel has to go back to pick the car up (3.5 hours away). We've put so much money into my car (Hyundai Elantra). At this point we want to sell it as quick as possible. That extra $1,000 made our little trip a bit more expensive than we were anticipating. ;)
The big blessing in disguise to all of this is that it happened where it did. Obviously it would have been better to have broken down in our town (even better to never happen...), but since it's a long distance problem, it wouldn't have. If we hadn't taken our little trip, then it we would have happened on our way to Nebraska, and there isn't a whole lot between here and there. I think that would have been a lot worse, and potentially even more expensive.

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  1. It looks like this was a family memory day! Enjoy!


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