Friday, February 15, 2013

another year

not 30 yet, but the feeling's the same!
this one is my favorite to give to people on facebook :)
Anyways, another year gone! We ended up celebrating my birthday on Sunday, which I thought was sweet of Joel. That let me stay in bed all day (other than when we were at church and out eating Mexican for lunch). Joel and the kids made me a really cute cake, but I was told that I absolutely was not allowed to share pictures. :)
Exciting news for me! For my birthday I got a new cell phone. My first one in 5.5 years!
I used to work costumer service for Virgin Mobile and have been with them almost 9 years, but now I'm making the switch over to Tracfone. Funny enough, I got my last phone upgrade while we were stationed here in Texas.
excited about the qwerty board for my fat thumbs!
the only thing a little sad is the amount of photos I'm leaving behind on this old thing. It starts at Sam as a two year old, and goes through Allie & Owen's births! Not too sad though since they're so teeny anyways.
Then comes Valentines Day. Awhile back ago, Joel and I decided not to celebrate it with gifts. There's just too much gift giving in a year between our anniversary, Christmas, birthdays, and mothers/father's day. It's probably the lazy way out, but we were both happy to take it. Usually I make a fancy dinner, wear something skimpy, and we eat dinner after the kids go to bed, but this year that didn't even happen. (Although our church is having a parents night out tonight, so we get a few special child free hours this evening. I can't tell you how much I love our church for pulling this together each month, haha!) I also had big plans for the kids that didn't happen (again). This morning I've been telling myself that my inability to pull through on plans such as cutting their toast in heart shapes does not reflect on my love for them as their mother. ;)
Here are a few ideas that did not happen:
I am so in love with this color scheme right now. I've got plans for Allie's room at our next house using these colors!


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