Friday, February 22, 2013

everything nice

Today I asked Annaleigh to clean up the blocks in her room. A few minutes later she hadn't moved, so I asked her why she wasn't cleaning up. Her answer, God told her she didn't have to clean her room. Haha! Clever girl found someone that outranks me!

 A while back we went to a yard sale and there were tons of little figurines so the kids each got to pick one out. Sam got a little Dalmatian playing in a bucket of paint. Allie picked out this gem:
precious, isn't it?
It was definitely an interesting choice, so I asked her what they were doing...I figured maybe she thought they were hugging or playing or something other than what is actually happening. Nope. Her answer, "He's going to EAT the sheep!!"
The other night when Joel was tucking Allie into her bed, she mentioned to him that she doesn't like my kisses. Lol! Since she was two she's been wiping them off and saying "yuck." Guess I should have seen that one coming!

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  1. hahahah she is too funny! every time you tell allie stories it makes me wish we lived closer even more :)


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