Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have done it. I have officially gotten rid of all Sam and Annaleigh's excess toys. They are no longer kids who have "too many toys" and I feel so free, haha!

I know this is admitting failure on my part of doing my motherly duties, but the kid's room is always such a mess. The older they get the worse it has gotten since their toys get smaller and smaller and harder to pick up. I think of all the rooms in the house, theirs is at the bottom of my priority list, and it shows.

I've been trying for a while to get rid of things they don't play with, but it can be hard! For me! :)
There were toys that I really liked, and I kept thinking "maybe someday they'll want this..." and just kept not getting rid of things. The thing is, the kids really only play with a small portion of toys consistently. Anyways, I finally reached a breaking point yesterday, got rid of all the things they don't normally play with, and put everything out of reach, so if they want something they have to ask to have it brought down.

For once I feel like I've found a solution that will actually work!

Big box of Duplos blocks, and small containers of wooden toys

most of the kids books I never unpacked, but the pink bins are books/coloring books
green bin is mostly large cars, purple is Barbie & GI Joes

trains, tiny soldiers, plastic animals, legos,  matchbox cars, food, doll clothes
Next up, I need to tackle Owen's baby stuff and the kids clothes! I'm hoping to get all the "too much" taken care of before we move. Six weeks!

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  1. isn't it the best feeling!? less to see, less to clean up... it's the best. the kids used to be really good about helping me but they've turned into mini hoarders and suddenly something they never played with becomes a treasured item when I ask if we can give it away. So I have to do it when they are not around haha


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