Monday, February 11, 2013

garden plans

I have this jar of money I'm saving up. Joel thinks it's a little silly, and say's I can just get what I want, but I'm saving it up for something anyways. I haven't decided exactly on what yet. It's all a little weird, since we don't have money issues in our house other than me feeling bad about spending it when it's something only I care about.Technically, we each have an "allowance"  every month budgeted in, but this is just a little extra I've been saving up.

I've got a few ideas brewing. Originally it was this bed I wanted to get the kids (they have a perfectly fine one, so it's not something we need, but I really like it).
I've also considered this sewing machine that embroiders.
But now, I think I've come up with what I really want, although it's totally dependent on our next house,I want to have a awesome patio garden. We'll be at our next duty station for at least four years so hopefully we'll have time to enjoy it. My mom is an amazing gardener, and although I've never had a garden that's not embarrassing, I think I have her love for playing in the dirt. Here are a few pictures I'm drooling over:


I have some faded and squirrel chewed patio furniture I want to repaint, I'd also like to find an outdoor rug...I'm excited about all the possibilities!

How cute are these tiny fairy gardens??? At the very least, I'm having one of these. :)


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