Wednesday, February 27, 2013

something new

Well, we bought a new car. A brand new car!! After getting past the initial sticker shock and what have we done!? I am really excited. It's so pretty, and best of all it's "my" car. ;)

Since last Saturday, Joel has spent a good 20+ hours researching cars. We wanted to get something reliable and with low miles-something we'd keep for a long time rather than replacing every couple years. Joel especially wanted me to have something that was going to be safe & dependable for when he gets deployed. Cars are holding their value really well, and once we realized it would only be about three thousand more for a new one, we decided to go that route. (I know I said we always buy used, but in this case, we decided saving money that wasn't our main priority.)

Basically, we knew we wanted something a little bigger- but not BIG as mpg's were super important, and then of course, price. five:
Honda CRV
Toyota Camry
Nissan Altima
Ford Fusion
Hyundai Sonata

We went and saw all of them, I sat in the backseat of every one-thinking long term here! In ten years Sam will be 17(!), and we plan to still have this car then. One dealer rolled his eyes and said something about us being " really meticulous." We didn't buy his car. :P  I went into it  positive I wanted a CRV, but once I saw it I was pretty disappointed. It wasn't any bigger than the others besides the trunk, and I was swayed by all the shiny things in the other cars. Anyways, here she is. We got "lucky" and they didn't have the basic model we wanted in stock, so we got the fancy upgraded one for nearly the same price...I got a moon roof!

going from this:

to the Nissan Altima!

(the gold Focus in the back is Joel's car)


  1. super nice! i honestly think new cars are a great investment - you save on repair costs, you know where the car has been and what it's been through etc. (and like you said there isn't a huge price gap between new and a nice used one)! congrats on being a new car owner! :)

  2. haha, we can call it a good investment if I don't die from a heart attack when the check clears. ;) but really, when I you spread the cost out over the years we'll have the car, it's not bad! I'm really glad we won't have to go car shopping again anytime soon (hopefully. assuming the Ford keeps up the good work)


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