Tuesday, February 12, 2013

three things...

 There has been at least three incidents in the past few months where I apparently find a dream I'm having so incredibly funny, I can't stop laughing. Like literally laughing out loud. Last night it was a dream about getting dizzy on a swing and not being able to walk straight (actually not that funny...). Poor Joel woke up from a dead sleep to hear me  laughing like a maniac, and had no clue what was going on. The fact that I know it's all a little nuts, makes it actually funny, so I laugh even harder. Aaaah, when I think of Joel all  "what in the world is going on over there!?" Bahaha, hilarious! And weird. Lol! 
Second thing: I finally made Allie a pillowcase dress, which is actually the main reason I bought a sewing machine in the first place! I think up till now, I didn't trust my sewing abilities to make her something she'd actually wear in public. It came out a little shorter than I intended, but I can add a bottom layer later. 

Made a little hair bow to match!
And finally, I also tried a sweet and sour chicken for the first time. Mostly, and a little embarrassing, because I'm totally swayed by phrases on Pinterest like "MOST ADDICTING FOOD YOU'LL EVER MAKE." Haha! Anyways, it actually turned out really good and it was simple to make. Not as healthy as they make you want to believe, but definitely healthier than the stuff you'd buy at a Chinese restaurant. 

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  1. so funny about you laughing in your sleep! LOL
    my mom's told me my step dad screams in his sleeps and that's really not a fun way to wake up (so joel could have it worse hahah)
    that dress turned out great! it looks like something you could buy at hanna andersson!
    and i made that chicken before too and i was pretty impressed! i wouldn't call it addicting but it was good!


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