Friday, March 22, 2013

made it!

This move went beautifully! I'm still in complete shock that there were no crises as there has been on every single one of our other moves. We left TX on Saturday and made it to NE by Monday. It was pretty uneventful besides the second day when we took the wrong route and turned a 4.5 hour drive into a 6.5 hour one. So frustrating! Owen is exhausting to travel with, but he could have been worse as he only cried an hour or two each night, but we are extraordinarily happy for him to be in his own room again!!  Anyways, got into town Monday, got the keys to our house Tuesday, and were really surprised when we got a call that our things would be delivered Wednesday. Now that's efficient! Obviously, now we're busy unpacking, although we're not moving as fast as we normally do.

I will say it is so cold. I feel so weak, haha. I lived several years in Colorado, but I don't remember being as cold as I am now, and it's mid-March! (So far the high has been 36* with the mornings around 19*. It was freezing when the movers were bringing everything in!)

I took Sam to get him registered for his new school on Thursday, and I have really good feelings about the new school. I was feeling sick with guilt over this being his third school in a year, but God really blessed us with such a flexible and easygoing boy. I know he misses his old school, but he's pretty excited about this one. There's no pre-school, but as long as we don't move again, Allie should start kindergarten there in two years!

Oh, haha. The teacher did warn me to have Sam bring a warm coat & hat everyday, because as long as the temperature is over 20 (TWENTY!) degrees and it's not raining, they go outside for recess twice a day, for 20 minutes (which I really do love since a lot of schools are getting away from recess). Good thing he moves around faster than I do, cause that's the only thing that's going to keep him warm in weather like that!

I'll post some house pictures later, when every room in the house doesn't look worse than this:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around the house...

Well, we're on the last stretch of the hardest parts of the move! Things are pretty crazy around here! Joel is currently working 12.5 hour shifts, and I'm taking care of the house myself. I'm not sure if it was the best decision, but at least it's efficient. By this time next week, we should have the keys to our next house.
And, just a tiny bit of bragging, but Joel graduated top of his class, so I'm pretty proud of him. During this week, for the mission they're doing, he was chosen to be in charge of a 20 person team. He works really hard, and I'm happy for him that it paid off!
our kitchen Friday
it feels wrong serving the kids their dinner on the floor, haha!
A lot of people warned me that anything that could be packed would be packed. I heard lots of stories about trash being packed, and one lady had to go out and buy new shoes because they managed  to snatch hers up.
thus, towles, sponges, cereal, cake mix stuffed in the fridge


me=completely frazzled + no clue where a brush is + hair that is now vaguely purple thanks to an experiment with red dye + $6 glasses from

cupcakes for Sam's last day of school that he never took thanks to a stomach bug
the ugliest quiche the internet has ever seen. You can also tell how badly my oven slants. All the ham slid to the right.
Sam and Allie are loving camping out in the living room on their air mattresses
green eggs and ham for breakfast, by Sam's request. Guess his little tummy is starting to feel better :P

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well, I had my first major meltdown in Texas yesterday. I even knew it was coming. I could just feel all the stress and exhaustion coming together into one icky mess. The first meltdown, was over a missing Cinderella dvd. Not my finest hour, and I still have to clean up after it today. Second, we sold the Hyundai-that's a huge praise-and when I went to pick Joel up, I got lost with the kids for over an hour when he was only about ten minutes away. I had to pull over because I was crying so hard. Twice. Haha, the worst part is that my car has a fancy navigation system in it, and  was trying really hard to get me there. By the time I found Joel he had decided to walk home.

Aaaah. Anyways, I do feel better this morning, and along with selling the car, we got some really good news last night! We got an assignment to a house. It's even the house I've been really hoping for! It's going to be such a huge upgrade after living in this place. It's a four bedroom with a "flex" room (which is a small room without a closet, so they can't call it a bedroom) but I'm thinking it will be an office for Joel. It's even got a 2 car garage which will be amazing during those long winters. I'm so excited. Best of all, it will be ready as soon as we get there, so we won't have to spend time living in a hotel. Eleven days till we leave!

Friday, March 1, 2013

two weeks!

I really truly cannot believe we are moving in two weeks. There is not a single box packed in our house, so it's such a bizarre feeling! Usually by now entire sections of our house would be dedicated to boxes and I'd be crying that I'll never get everything done. I guess awesome is probably a better way to describe how I feel rather than bizarre! ;)

On Thursday (the 7th) the movers are coming to pack all our stuff. We're told that should take two days, and then Monday they'll come load the moving van. I feel a little weird about having people come and go through all our stuff, but not weird enough to do it myself. :P I've got a bunch to do until then though...make sure there's no dirty laundry by Thursday &that sort of stuff, figure out everything we'll need for a month without our things, and try to get things a little more organized.

 Next Friday will actually be Sam's last day of school here since the week after that is spring break. (Nice timing for having him stay home and help me entertain Owen and Allie!) I'll have two days to get the house clean for inspection. The 14th, we'll move to a hotel, the 15th, Joel graduates, and we head out on our three day drive to NE on the 16th!

We're not sure about our house at Offutt yet. Housing there told Joel they don't start assigning anything until you're two weeks away from arriving. I don't know if it's because they have enough housing available they don't need a wait list, but I guess it helps people like us who got orders really late.

Anyways, this was pretty boring, but that's what's going on around here!
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