Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around the house...

Well, we're on the last stretch of the hardest parts of the move! Things are pretty crazy around here! Joel is currently working 12.5 hour shifts, and I'm taking care of the house myself. I'm not sure if it was the best decision, but at least it's efficient. By this time next week, we should have the keys to our next house.
And, just a tiny bit of bragging, but Joel graduated top of his class, so I'm pretty proud of him. During this week, for the mission they're doing, he was chosen to be in charge of a 20 person team. He works really hard, and I'm happy for him that it paid off!
our kitchen Friday
it feels wrong serving the kids their dinner on the floor, haha!
A lot of people warned me that anything that could be packed would be packed. I heard lots of stories about trash being packed, and one lady had to go out and buy new shoes because they managed  to snatch hers up.
thus, towles, sponges, cereal, cake mix stuffed in the fridge


me=completely frazzled + no clue where a brush is + hair that is now vaguely purple thanks to an experiment with red dye + $6 glasses from zenni.com

cupcakes for Sam's last day of school that he never took thanks to a stomach bug
the ugliest quiche the internet has ever seen. You can also tell how badly my oven slants. All the ham slid to the right.
Sam and Allie are loving camping out in the living room on their air mattresses
green eggs and ham for breakfast, by Sam's request. Guess his little tummy is starting to feel better :P

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