Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well, I had my first major meltdown in Texas yesterday. I even knew it was coming. I could just feel all the stress and exhaustion coming together into one icky mess. The first meltdown, was over a missing Cinderella dvd. Not my finest hour, and I still have to clean up after it today. Second, we sold the Hyundai-that's a huge praise-and when I went to pick Joel up, I got lost with the kids for over an hour when he was only about ten minutes away. I had to pull over because I was crying so hard. Twice. Haha, the worst part is that my car has a fancy navigation system in it, and  was trying really hard to get me there. By the time I found Joel he had decided to walk home.

Aaaah. Anyways, I do feel better this morning, and along with selling the car, we got some really good news last night! We got an assignment to a house. It's even the house I've been really hoping for! It's going to be such a huge upgrade after living in this place. It's a four bedroom with a "flex" room (which is a small room without a closet, so they can't call it a bedroom) but I'm thinking it will be an office for Joel. It's even got a 2 car garage which will be amazing during those long winters. I'm so excited. Best of all, it will be ready as soon as we get there, so we won't have to spend time living in a hotel. Eleven days till we leave!


  1. awww :( we all have those meltdowns! i think my worst was while i was pregnant though LOL oh.my. i never had mood swings but i had this one time where I was cooking eggs and I'm really particular about my eggs... they weren't turning out how i wanted and I freaked out and was chopping them with the spatula thing and just walked away. It was alllll over the walls haha I was laughing at myself almost right away because it was THAT ridiculous! so happy for you about your house! you can never have enough room when you have kids!

  2. Lol! Those poor eggs!! After the Cinderella episode I couldn't apologize to Joel with a straight face, because yeah, it was that bad. :P


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