Friday, March 1, 2013

two weeks!

I really truly cannot believe we are moving in two weeks. There is not a single box packed in our house, so it's such a bizarre feeling! Usually by now entire sections of our house would be dedicated to boxes and I'd be crying that I'll never get everything done. I guess awesome is probably a better way to describe how I feel rather than bizarre! ;)

On Thursday (the 7th) the movers are coming to pack all our stuff. We're told that should take two days, and then Monday they'll come load the moving van. I feel a little weird about having people come and go through all our stuff, but not weird enough to do it myself. :P I've got a bunch to do until then though...make sure there's no dirty laundry by Thursday &that sort of stuff, figure out everything we'll need for a month without our things, and try to get things a little more organized.

 Next Friday will actually be Sam's last day of school here since the week after that is spring break. (Nice timing for having him stay home and help me entertain Owen and Allie!) I'll have two days to get the house clean for inspection. The 14th, we'll move to a hotel, the 15th, Joel graduates, and we head out on our three day drive to NE on the 16th!

We're not sure about our house at Offutt yet. Housing there told Joel they don't start assigning anything until you're two weeks away from arriving. I don't know if it's because they have enough housing available they don't need a wait list, but I guess it helps people like us who got orders really late.

Anyways, this was pretty boring, but that's what's going on around here!

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