Monday, April 15, 2013

Come on in...

Our floorplan, except we're flip flopped (the master is to the right...)

I love my new kitchen. Such a huge upgrade from Texas!!

laundry room straight ahead, garage to the right, bathroom to the left!

I really love the sink area. I've got some rosemary going, and plan to add a bunch of other herbs.

dining room from the  kitchen

from the front door

 view from the dining room

super duper high ceilings. Notice the toy lizard stuck underneath the window? That thing is never coming down...

We used the "storage" room above for Owen's room. With just a crib and a dresser it works perfectly!

my little sewing area


Allie's room

Allie's room to the left. Desk, Owen & Master rooms to the right
bathroom straight ahead, Sam's room to the right, playroom to the left!
kids bathroom

view into master bathroom & closet

rest of the bathroom

our backyard. I was  disappointed at first about the big hill, but I think it will be awesome for sledding one day!

That's pretty much it! There's also our bedroom and Sam's room, but I'm still working on those rooms!


  1. wow! the house looks great - especially considering you guys moved in recently! i had boxes piled up for a few months haha

  2. haha, you'll notice I left out two rooms. Guess where all the junk is piled? :P


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