Sunday, April 28, 2013

How could I forget!?

This is mostly for me to make sure I don't forget, but I forgot to mention one of my very favorite things Owen does. It's such a "manly" thing, haha.

Owen loves to pick stuff up that he thinks is really heavy, and while doing his weight lifting, he'll grunt and groan from the strain of it all. He even has this little one eyebrow lift while he's doing it.Then once he's mastered whatever it is, he looks around with pure pride in his eyes.

So funny.

The other day we were at the checkout line, and he reached back and started trying to lift a bag out of the cart. The entire time he's watching the cashier to see if she notices how strong he is.  I wish I could get it on video. It's the best.

Every once in a while I'll hear an angry scream, and I go over and he's super frustrated because he can't lift something up. Like the couch.


  1. That's adorable. He sounds like a funny little guy.

  2. that cute he wants to "impress" the ladies with his strength ;) hahah i can't believe he tried to pick up the couch! what a little man!


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