Thursday, April 4, 2013

The past two weeks...

It's been a whirlwind over here! I honestly can't believe we've only been in our new house two weeks (and 2 days) now. Here are a few of the highlights:
My mother and father-in-law just happened to be in the country with an extra day to travel, so they hopped over to our house. They were only able to stay a few hours, but it was so great having them. The best part was that we had just moved into our house four days earlier, so it was such a crazy mess, I didn't even have to tidy up. ;)
Allie! Not a baby anymore :/

Sam also started his third first day of first grade. Like I said earlier, I felt so incredibly bad about it. When I asked Sam how he felt he told me, "I'm a little nervous, but everybody is on their first day." One thing I love about military schools is that kids are always coming and going (although it can be hard since that means friends come and go as well) so having a new kid was nothing weird. In fact, there was another new student on Sam's first day! So far, he's doing great.
After his first day. I told him to show me how his day went. I got this...
and then this....

but I think we'll go with this:
Owen's standing! I "bet" Joel fifty bucks that he won't walk before his birthday. I've got twenty days, and I'm starting to sweat a little. ;)

Allie's been sick. A stomach bug the first week, and a double ear infection this week. Poor Annaleigh. She's definitely not an easy patient!
One of her demands was an eye mask. :)
I also started a really big project this week. I'll give more details later when I know I'm not going to fail (because that's the very best way to succeed, haha). Basically, it's caused me to question my sanity bringing on something like this at a time like this. BUT it also has me very excited, because it is a huge part of what I want to be after (and before) the kids are all in school. (I want to work with the elderly in nursing homes, but you can see the long version here:
Joel heads back to work on Monday, and we'll finally get on a real schedule, but that's about all for now!

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