Thursday, May 16, 2013

my little piece of happy

It has been busy around here!

On one of my daycare days I made a trip to Lowes, Hobby Lobby, and Salvation Army. I got all the plants I needed for my little garden, plus some new fabric to cover over some old throw pillows.

I wanted to have plants in both the front and back. For the back I chose some hardy succulents. Good thing too since Dallas has already knocked them all over.

Target was nice enough to have cheap pots that matched my pillow!

Our house faces the east, which is nice because there is always sun or shade on either side of the house.
Here's the front!
I need to get one more hanging basket for the rail. I was wrong in thinking I could just put one in the middle

I love this little guy (and only $7 at Lowes!)

This little one is my favorite. Violets mixed with a fern.

this is my leftover pot, where all sorts of stuff got mixed in. I feel pretty happy with how it everything turned out though since my method for choosing plants was to put whatever I thought was pretty in the basket.

 I've also got a few tomato plants going on the side of the house And lest I forget, here's a little testimony to the power of a couple cans of spray paint. This is what the chairs and table looked like just a few weeks back. I think it's a pretty good transformation for some outdoor furniture I bought two years ago for $20!
A squirrel sharpened his teeth all the way around the tables... 

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