Monday, May 27, 2013

Samuel Joel

Today is my Samuel's seventh birthday. Let me tell you, I am such a proud mama! He is growing up to be such a wonderful little person. I see a lot of his daddy in him. Sam's always been fairly serious, and he is so so smart! I've been trying to think of different little stories to try to describe him, and the perfect one came up. On his last day of school we went to the book fair, and I let him and Allie pick a book out. He had one book he really wanted, but he was also really leaning towards a book on rocks and fossils, because "in second grade you learn about rocks, and I need to start studying so I get a good grade." So Sam! He's already asking questions that I have no clue what the answer is. For example: "There are three types of rocks, and I know there is metamorphic and igneous, but what's the third? I forget..." Hah!  (btw, the third is sedimentary-thank you google!)
He had a little checklist of accomplishments he wanted to make by his birthday (including 20 pushups) and had daily goals on how many he'd have to do to make it by his birthday. That's where I see his daddy-he sure didn't get that from me! He loves going around with a notebook and writing down his observations on things. Right now he says he wants to be a scientist, and that is definitely something we're encouraging (and coming from a family of engineers, he's in good company)!
He's so sweet, loves to tell jokes, and remembers to say "yes ma'am" and "sir" to strangers. He can be very stubborn when he doesn't think he's done wrong, but I'm hoping that one day that will mean he's able to stand firm in himself when the world is telling him otherwise. I am so thankful he's my baby (and a little sorry that he's the first and has to be the guinea pig to my parenting failures). And because I can, here are a few of my favorite pictures of him throughout the years.
seeing him for the first time
4th of July
5 months
9 months
1 year

2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years

6 years


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  1. i cant believe he is seven! where does the time go!? he looks just like his mama :) so cute! and i definitely didn't know the rock factoid either lol he's so smart! happy birthday sam!


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