Monday, June 24, 2013

Week in review...

Joel's birthday was Saturday. Finally!  Four months out of the year I'm a "year" older than him, but now he's old like me. ;) He actually took the whole week off, and it was pretty low key. Not much happened, but it felt relaxing!

For his birthday I made some homemade ice cream since he's not a cake guy (neither is Annaleigh, ironically enough since I love baking cakes). So goooood. We had Oreo chunks and fresh raspberries to add in. Ice cream pictures...

this is how I feel with a bowl of ice cream in front of me too!

haha, poor Owen. Have you ever seen someone look so sad while eating ice-cream? I think he knew he was getting ripped off by getting the store bought stuff. That or he was really really tired.

You can see Sam was trying to get a monopoly on the cookies ;)

love this guy!
As far as my whole working out thing, I'm going to do that on my other blog. Friday, Sam and I did some yoga together and at the end he says to me, "It's okay cause it was just you and me, but if we were in public you should be embarrassed." Hah! Thanks Sam!!
Anyways, I thought I should add that I realize that it's already a little dubious if I should even have one blog, let alone two, but it's complicated. It's complicated because every once in a while I write something that I want to share on Facebook, but at the same time sometimes I write pretty personal stuff, so I feel weird just sharing all that. BUT then again, the link to this blog is on my webpage and I don't actually care if anyone reads it (in fact I think it's great when my family and friends care enough to do so!!). I don't know I'm weird. I just have a very hard time actually sharing this blog with other people. It took me two years to share it with my mother-in-law who's one of my favorite people in the world. (Hi Jenni!) On a totally different side, I also kind of feel like recipes are actually pretty boring and no one cares unless they want a recipe. Basically, I guess my other blog is my digital recipe book and place that I can share non-personal life matters with others. Who knows?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Q&A

I did this last year and it was really cute, so thought we'd do it again! Haha, Sam is really into these little models that Joel has, but I think Joel has worked on them once or twice this year. Oh yeah, Sam also loves the Golden Corral. :P We ended up not doing much this year, but Joel said it was the best Father's Day yet. I knew he didn't really want to go to the zoo! ;)
Here we go.
1) What are three things that  dad does? paint soldiers, go to work, go to the gym
2) What does your dad do for you that your mom can’t?  he lets me play video games with him

3) What three words best describe your dad? best, soldier, Joel
4) What is your favorite thing to do with your dad? watch him paint his soldiers
5) If your dad isn’t working or playing with you, what does he enjoy doing by himself? pretty much play video games
6) What does your dad do as a job? he's a soldier
7) What is important about your dad’s job?  to keep America safe
8) How do you know when your dad is happy? um, he smiles?(I agree Sam, this one's kinda lame...)

 something that your dad is really good at? painting soldiers 

 10) Name something that your dad is not so good at? his test to get promoted
11) If your dad wasn’t doing the job he has now, what do you think he would be good at? he'd be a navy fighter pilot
12) What do you like the best about your dad? that he's a good painter
13) What does your dad do to help around the house? clean the house
14) What do you know about your dad that other people may not know? he's in the Air Force
15) What do you think is the hardest part about being a dad? taking care of your children
16) What do you think is the best part about being a dad? being in control of the house
17) Where (what place) do you think your dad is the happiest? Golden Corral 
19) What is cool about your dad? yes. he's very cool. 

 20) Is there anything you should thank your dad for that you haven’t yet (or haven’t thanked him in a while for)? getting money so we don't go poor


How old is daddy? 6
What makes Daddy happy? coming back home from work

What is dad’s favorite food? salad!
What color is dads hair? Eyes? Brown, green

What does dad do at work? work
 My favorite thing about daddy? I love him
What does Daddy like to do?  play video games
Daddy's favorite sport? soccer ball.
I really love it when daddy: goes to work (haha, poor Dad. I don't think she really meant this one. :)
Daddy always tells me: go get your pj's on
What do you want to get daddy for father’s day? a dragon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

my last excuse...

My last excuse arrived in the mail today. I've dabbled with exercise here and there since having Owen, but there's always been laziness something stopping me from jumping in all the way. I always had landmarks to pass before (like once we moved, once Owen slept through the night, once we moved again, once Owen was a  year...)  Owen's down to nursing only right before bed, and that was the last really big one. I really didn't have any other excuses besides not owning decent running shoes, but that is gone now.

I even went out and bought my first not-Walmart-priced shoes since, well, since my parents stopped buying shoes for me. I think I have some internal wish that the extra $40 I spent is going to make getting into shape more fun. At least they are pretty cute, and cute is always fun.

Anyways, my plan is to get strong. Yes, I still have some weight I want off (especially since I gained 5 pounds back since nursing stopped, but that happened to me the two times before, so I knew that was coming), but my main goal here is to get strong again. Losing weight will just be the happy byproduct.  I've been in good shape before, and I know how I feel now, definitely feels nothing like that feels. I'm going to do a weekly review of what I did mostly because I know I'll do better if someone else at least knows.

So. Here's the plan.

Next Monday I'm officially starting the "Couch To 5k" program. I plan on doing that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and  the third day either Saturday or Sunday. I'm pretty sure I'll go running sometime in the evenings. I made two really pitiful attempts to get up at 5:30am and go running, and it wasn't pretty. I literally jogged five houses down, then walked back home. So for now, early morning jogs are out, haha. Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll do yoga and focus on my stomach muscles. I also really need to drink a lot more water than I am right now. Sometimes I'll get to the end of the day and realize the only thing I've had all day is a cup of coffee in the morning. So, all this to say-be watching for an update! ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

why math is important

About six months back, I decided to make a quilt and had the great idea to buy precut squares to make it a simple project. I discovered "charm packs" and found someone selling twenty-two 5"x5" squares.  Enter bad math. Somehow, I decided that would make a quilt 55"x55". Okay. It's not just bad math, it's embarrassingly bad math.

Anyways, I finally came up with  a project for those silly squares and made Allie a reversible tote bag for library books:

For Sam, I made him a bag using an old BDU of Joel's that we had stashed away and sewed on a pocket that we also had lying around. I was feeling pretty nostalgic as I remembered the hours and hours I spent starching & ironing those things for him. (Joel was the last class that went through boot camp that got those awful things. It was like Christmas morning for me when he bought the new uniforms that don't need ironing.)
The pocket ended up being a nice feature, because you can still use it when the bag is in the reverse position.
This is also the first attempt at adding appliques to stuff. It was easier than I thought it would be-especially considering that I rushed through it. Although, I just realized that I put Annaleigh's "A" on backwards so maybe I should have taken a little more time...
Also, I'm dying a little over the cutness of this new Riley Blake collection. Most of the girls pieces are out of stock right now (at least on so I'll have to wait, but I did order a few different patterns. I'm running into the small problem where I'm kind of nearing the end of stuff I can justify making the kids. You know? How many aprons does one girl need. How many book bags? I'm getting near to where I'm ready to give my stuff away though.
I think this will be the first official thing I give away. A little diaper clutch for a new baby boy named Jude (his parents are big Beatles fans). Anyways, all this being said, I really need to get some housework done! All my projects lately have taken precedence over a little thing called laundry. :P


Sunday, June 2, 2013


It's been busy around here lately! Here's I a few things I've been up to.
I've almost finished a ballerina strip quilt for a cousin of mine. Unfortunately, I think I may have to redo it without that beautiful rosette minky fabric because I didn't think about how heavy it would be when done, and I'm now cringing over how expensive it will be to ship to Germany.


Movie night in the garage! Joel's graduation gift (from tech school) was a projector, and it's been fun.
The garage has the biggest empty wall, so we hung up a queen sheet, and now, instant movie theater! :)

 I've taken to dying one of Dallas' ear. So far blue has been my favorite. Sam is NOT a fan of this.

Someone from our church randomly contacted me about making a cake for her son's birthday. I was a little nervous since I've only ever made them for family or friends. I was pretty happy with the results, and felt fine since I told her I'd do it for free or for $20 to cover the cost for all the ingredients whichever she decided. She ended up giving me $40 which I actually did not like. I went from feeling happy to really anxious that she'd be disappointed. Thus ends my baking career. ;)

We also got a new couch which is pretty amazing. I've been trying to convince Joel for years, and we finally ended up getting one when I gave up "hope."

Joel used to make fun of my junky furniture I'd come home with (and in his defense, I wasn't actually getting any of my projects done) but since moving, I've finally started catching up a little. He's been impressed with what a little paint can accomplish and even mentioned buying something with the intention of (me) painting it.

I don't have a before, but this was a really ugly magazine rack I got for $3 at goodwill.

Sam and Allie camped out for a few nights in the living room. Summer fun!

 Sam's birthday was fun. The Dollar Tree provided decorating supplies (everything for under $10!). I made my first attempt at a ball cake. It turned out kind of flatter than I hoped.

After a few failed attempts, I finally conquered a diaper clutch for a cousin of mine.
I ♥ diaper clutches, since you can just stuff your baby junk in there and throw it in your purse, and pretty much eliminate the need for a diaper bag. Here's the tutorial that worked for me:

And finally, another thrift store change, I found the large pink pillow for $4, and made a reversible slipcover for a new dog bed.

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