Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Q&A

I did this last year and it was really cute, so thought we'd do it again! Haha, Sam is really into these little models that Joel has, but I think Joel has worked on them once or twice this year. Oh yeah, Sam also loves the Golden Corral. :P We ended up not doing much this year, but Joel said it was the best Father's Day yet. I knew he didn't really want to go to the zoo! ;)
Here we go.
1) What are three things that  dad does? paint soldiers, go to work, go to the gym
2) What does your dad do for you that your mom can’t?  he lets me play video games with him

3) What three words best describe your dad? best, soldier, Joel
4) What is your favorite thing to do with your dad? watch him paint his soldiers
5) If your dad isn’t working or playing with you, what does he enjoy doing by himself? pretty much play video games
6) What does your dad do as a job? he's a soldier
7) What is important about your dad’s job?  to keep America safe
8) How do you know when your dad is happy? um, he smiles?(I agree Sam, this one's kinda lame...)

 something that your dad is really good at? painting soldiers 

 10) Name something that your dad is not so good at? his test to get promoted
11) If your dad wasn’t doing the job he has now, what do you think he would be good at? he'd be a navy fighter pilot
12) What do you like the best about your dad? that he's a good painter
13) What does your dad do to help around the house? clean the house
14) What do you know about your dad that other people may not know? he's in the Air Force
15) What do you think is the hardest part about being a dad? taking care of your children
16) What do you think is the best part about being a dad? being in control of the house
17) Where (what place) do you think your dad is the happiest? Golden Corral 
19) What is cool about your dad? yes. he's very cool. 

 20) Is there anything you should thank your dad for that you haven’t yet (or haven’t thanked him in a while for)? getting money so we don't go poor


How old is daddy? 6
What makes Daddy happy? coming back home from work

What is dad’s favorite food? salad!
What color is dads hair? Eyes? Brown, green

What does dad do at work? work
 My favorite thing about daddy? I love him
What does Daddy like to do?  play video games
Daddy's favorite sport? soccer ball.
I really love it when daddy: goes to work (haha, poor Dad. I don't think she really meant this one. :)
Daddy always tells me: go get your pj's on
What do you want to get daddy for father’s day? a dragon!

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